Hello and welcome to my website. Web/Graphic design has been a great passion of mine for almost ten years.

I very much enjoy making graphics and showcasing them on my website in my spare time.
I have had many great jobs, but my ultimate goal in life is to one day have my very own website design company.

Although I haven't had any educational training, I have basic CSS/HTML skills and have used every addition of paint shop pro since paint shop pro 7!
Paint shop pro is very similar to Photoshop. I know and understand both very well, yet PSP has always been my favourite. Nothing excites me more as much as a blank canvas.

Another passion of mine is marketing. I love the fact that you can market absolutely anything if you have the right attitude and I find it very enjoyable engaging with people.
When I'm not doing web/graphic design, I either work on my dystopian novel or play MMO games. I have a PC designed for gaming, so I'm also quite the gamer.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Everything on this website was designed/coded by me. If you happen to use any of my graphics, I would appreciate it if you would kindly inform me.